Guided tours

guidedVaasa with surroundings

Experience Vaasa from a new angle. Nice tour that can be tailored to last from one to four hours. Start from Smulterö.

Gerby Archipelago

Kayaking in protected waters between islands and through narrow straits. Interesting surroundings with many typical Finnish summer cottages but also with areas of untouched nature. This tour takes two hours or more. Start from Strömsö in Västervik.

Karperöfjärden (The lake of Karperö)

A lot of interesting nature and bird life 10 km north from central Vaasa. Fantastic kayaking in a unique bird habitat along natural channels in the reeds and also over areas with open water. Two hours or more. Start from the swimming beach in Karperö.

Björkö inner archipelago

An absolutely unique archipelago filled with boulder-ridges created during the ice-age. A very beautiful landscape that is kept free from bushes and long grass by hundreds of grassing sheep. A vast area where the kayak tour can be varied endlessly depending on time and preference. From four hours and longer. Start from Svedjehamn.

Köklot and Värlax

Vast area with a lot of variation. Many protected bays and straits for a short break or for a place to spend the night. Suitable for a full day tour. Start from Petsmo or Köklot.


Vast areas with untouched nature. This is the tour for the true wildlife enthusiast who wants to challenging sea tour and to experience the rugged beauty of the borderland between archipelago and open sea. Be prepared to spend at least one night outdoors (or indoors at the former Coast Guard station) Start from Köklot, Norrskat harbor.


Hiking is a peaceful activity, suitable for everybody. We will adjust length and challenge of the tour according to the participants’ preference. We can offer everything from short half day tours to challenging week long tours in mountains and wilderness up in Lapland. In the Vaasa surroundings our favorite areas are close to the sea, e.g. the popular track from Panike to Björkö or in Sommarösund. For longer, but still not too challenging tours, suitable also for amateur hikers, we can offer Karhunkierros in Kuusamo as well as Hemavan or Treriksröset in Sweden. For more advanced hikers we can offer hiking in any part of Scandinavia, e.g. Haldefjäll, Abisko or Sarek. We are also arranging ski tours to Lapland in winter.

During the tour we will take the opportunity to pick up a number of goodies that we find along the path, like fishing, outdoor baths, tasting of wild berries, wildlife education, bush meals and other things available.

Hiking will be at its best using a guide with deep local knowledge to find the best paths to experience the real pearls of each area. Thanks to our excellent network of other people in the Wildlife Tourism we can offer local guiding in our home surroundings as well as on distant destinations. The ultimate goal is to offer our customers a fine and memorable experience from the Scandinavian nature.

For shorter hiking tours including one or two nights outdoors there are no strict requirements on your equipment. Comfortable leisure clothes and a suitable backpack will do the job. For longer tours to Lapland we recommend you to bring your own hiking shoes and a backpack designed for hiking. The contents of the backpack may be your own or alternatively you can rent what you need from us. You will always get a full list of essential equipment for the tour in advance.