Outback - Explore the archipelago and nature of Ostrobothnia, Finland

Outback Ab is a Vaasa based company offering various activities, mainly outdoor in our fantastic nature, for a meaningful leisure time.

We are very familiar with the nature in the Vasa region and our aim is to bring our customers into close contact with the peace and beauty of our natural heritage, part of which recently achieved the status as a World Natural Heritage.

Everybody can take part in our activities but we know that the preferences as well as the qualifications will vary from one person to the other. For this reason we will always adjust the program according to the participants and their budget, young and old, private individuals and corporate groups.

Our specialties in the Vaasa region are kayaking and hiking.

Other activities that can be arranged are e.g.:

  • Skiing, locally or as a tour up to Lapland
  • Mountain hiking in Lapland
  • Boat tours
  • Range shooting
  • Corporate programs, e.g. weekend programs for visitors

For more info, please contact Johnny
Tel. 050-5811710

Guided tours

Experience Vaasa from a new angle. Nice tours that can be tailored to last from one to four hours. Start from Smulterö.

We have several destinations to choose from. If you have questions, feel free to send us a mail or give us a call and we'll be more than happy to tailor something which suits you.

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For those who wish to to chose their own pace and direction in our beautiful archipelago we offer the opportunity to rent a kayak at a daily fee from 30,00 € per day with free delivery and launching in Vaasa and the closest neighborhood.

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Corporate Customers

Providing meaningful free-time activities to people visiting the Vaasa region for business reasons during their time off from work.

Outback offers corporations the service to take care of their guests at occasions when no host is available from the company or when the host needs help in arranging a suitable program for his or her guests.

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